Wilderness ReBoot 2018

Staff and MKs

Welcome to Blue Bronna

Sleeping quarters

Home sweet home

Kitchen and meeting room

Gourmet Kitchen

Meeting together

Our fearless leaders

Meeting the horses

Making friends

Day 1: A hike to a waterfall

Day 2: Makeshift rain gear

D2: Getting ready for our first trail ride

D2: The Director with his ride

D2: Crossing the river

D2: Crossing the meadow

Getting the fire started

Funny song time

Day 3: Climb to the top

D3: Still climbing

D3: Enjoying a break

D3: Gorgeous view from the top

D3: rock climbing and rappelling

D3: Down by the river

D3: Makeshift sauna

Bridge over troubled waters

Learning new skills

Day 4: Our second trail ride

Chara and her ride

D4: The beauty of the mountains

D4: Follow the leader

D4: Surrounded by green

D4: What a view from the top

Celebrating new friends

Celebrating new friends

Day 5: Swimming, cliff jumping, relaxing

D5: Teamwork to cross the raging river

New friendships

Coming Soon