ReBoot Alberta Group Photo

Mapping Out Home

Good Friends and Good Food!

Fellowship Together

Enjoying Canadian Public Transportation

Field Trip!

Fun Game - Crossing the River

Captive Audience

Photo With an Office

Police Visit

Posing for Photos at Johnson Canyon

Hiking at Johnson Canyon

The Gals at the Canyon

Food with Friends

Games at Olympic Park

Team Work - Sticking Together

Stretching Games 1

Stretching Games 2

Games at Olympic Park

Olympic Park

The GREAT Pyramid - The Boys

The GREAT Pyramid - The Girls

Worship at the River

Worship at the River

Making Friends

ReNew and ReFresh

Making Friends

Goofing Around

Guys Hanging Out

Mmmm...Canadian Maple Cookies

ReBoot Ontario Group Photo

Ontario Staff - 2016

Worship at the River

ReNew and ReFresh

Scavenger Hunt at the Mall

Trying Poutine!

Field Trip!!

Having fun!

Playing Around

More Games and Fun.

Crazy Ninja Fun!

Amazing Talents!

The GREAT Pyramid

Buckets Of Fun!

Challenging activities.

Getting 'Er Done!

Fun Things To Do With Spaghetti

Let the Teamwork Begin!

Teamwork Extraordinaire!

Who Are These "Masked" Men?

Worshiping Together

Learning From Our "Elders"

The Peanut Gallery

Session About Legal Matters

Trying It Out...Just In Case?!

Celebrating Special Occasions - Happy Birthday!

And Special People - Waldo?

Girls Are Ready!

Boys Are Set Too!

Tubing Time at Elora Gorge!

Tubing at Elora

Tubing at Elora - thumbs up!

Tubing at Elora

Watching from the sidelines

Tubing at Elora

Tubing at Elora

What An MK Feels - the same..but DIFFERENT