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Volunteers are the backbone of this ministry. Are you someone who desires to give of your time as you’re passionate about serving MKs because of your love for Jesus, your personal experiences, and/or your desire to help equip and support MKs and their families in transition?

The profile of a volunteer: Has a heart for the ministry; an awareness of who they are, where they’re strong and where they’re not; is willing to share the gifts God has given them; is willing to be a servant to others; is a life-long learner.

We need volunteers across Canada in many areas…Praying; Encouraging; Mentoring; Staffing regional events; Reporting & Communication; Staffing ReBoot re-entry retreats…and more!

In everything we do, we value relationships the most. We start with people and develop personal relationships. We value you and want to get to know you. In so doing, we have the joy of placing you in your ‘sweet spot’…the area that you enjoy the most and that you most naturally step into.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email us and share a few things about yourself and where you’d like to serve.

If you’re not certain as to the opportunities that exist…take a few minutes to read this document:Opportunities to serve.

To find out more please contact us at:  smacfarlane@outreach.ca

NOTE: If you are looking to volunteer for one of our ReBoot retreats, please contact the appropriate ReBoot Director for a volunteer application. 

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