Update: Wilderness ReBoot 2018!

7/20/2018 9:30:58 PM



An overview of the week

by Chara Benson - Wilderness ReBoot staff

Wilderness ReBoot was such a great time!

The week was filled with wonderful activities that afforded opportunities to get to know each other better and share an experience together.

  • MONDAY – a beautiful hike in the hills which ended at a small waterfall. 
  • TUESDAY – brushing, saddling and feeding the horses as well as a 2-hour horse ride. It was pouring rain at the start of the ride - check out our stylish rain outfits (see photo below). 


 (check out the fabulous black garbage back and duct tape look!)

  • WEDNESDAY – rock climbing and rappelling - for many of us this was a time of conquering fears. 
  • THURSDAY – a 4-hour horse ride including wading across the river with our horses and ending at a phenomenal cliff top view! 
  • FRIDAY – a hike to a cliff jumping spot on the river and some more conquering of fear. Check out our team work tactics for navigating our way through the fast-moving current of the river (see photo below). 

Throughout the week I was constantly amazed at how willing each of the participants was to try new things. No one opted out of the activities or chose to stay behind, which was awesome! 

Despite our daytime adventures, the evening times were the highlight of the week for us. Evenings were when we each had a chance to share our MK stories with each other. Sitting around the campfire in the company of fellow MKs (and the Blue Bronna staff) we were able to share our experiences of living overseas amidst an audience that truly understood. 

The power and impact of each person’s story was magnified by the reflections shared by those who listened. Each of us went on to share our thoughts on what we had heard in their story, what moved us, and what we heard God saying for the person who shared. 

I was moved by each person’s story and their vulnerability in sharing experiences of pain, love, family, confusion, grief, loss, adventure. Our stories shared some common themes: struggles with anxiety/depression; questions and doubts about faith; periods of limbo or waiting while trying to figure out a purpose or passion. 

Reflecting on the week, the MKs shared how thankful they were that they had decided to be a part of Wilderness ReBoot. They were so thankful for this opportunity to come together united by our mutual MK weirdness. Many expressed a desire to come back and do it again – a true testimony of the importance of this program and its role in meeting a very real need among older MKs.

from the ReBoot TEAM:

We want to thank everyone who has prayed and walked alongside of us over the past 2 years in dreaming, planning and finally running the Wilderness ReBoot program. It has been a journey of faith from start to finish and we praise God for the blessing it has been to the MK participants this year.

If YOU are an MK between the ages of 21-35 (or you know one) consider joining us for Wilderness ReBoot 2019! We know God will do great things in and through this program moving forward.











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