100 Huntley Street Interview

7/21/2016 11:52:14 PM


Helping Missionary Kids Reintegrate to Canadian Culture

"Where do I belong?"

This is a question commonly heard among missionary kids returning to live in Canada, their passport country. Many people assume that these kids are Canadian – they look Canadian – but are they really? How does growing up in another country and in a different culture affect who you are and where you feel at home?

Cheryl Weber (100 Huntley Street) sat down for an interview with Paul Dyck (CMKN) to find answers to some of these questions. Having grown-up on the mission field in India, Paul has a keen understanding of what today’s missionary kids face when “coming home”. He speaks candidly and openly about some of the unique struggles missionary kids face (grief, loss, anger, identity) and about how the CMKN is working to help support these kids and their families in this difficult transition.

The interview was televised on July 14, 2016 - we are grateful to God for using 100 Huntley Street in this way!

Check out the full 100 Huntley Street interview by clicking on the photo below (or CLICK HERE).  




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100 Huntley Street Interview
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