Wilderness ReBoot postponed
Created by Sharon on 5/19/2017 1:57:50 PM



Dear friends,


We, Ben Reed and Paul Dyck, have made the decision to cancel Wilderness ReBoot for 2019. We will prayerfully look to the Lord for guidance as we look to offer this program again in 2020. Stay tuned for that announcement in the fall.


Our decision was based on the number of applicants needed to make this program effective. Being an interactive program depending on peer learning as a crucial component for growth we felt the need for a minimum of 8 participants in order to ensure effectiveness. With only 3 applications having been submitted we felt this was too few to provide a strong learning experience for the participants.


We look forward to continuing to build the presence and purpose of Wilderness ReBoot among this demographic of adult MKs in the year ahead and to God's provision as we look to offer this MK retreat again in the future. 


In the meantime, let's all of us (MK's, leaders, family, friends) continue to encourage those MK's who would benefit from this ministry. Start planting the seeds even today for what God has in store next summer.


We rely on God's grace and leadership as we continue to move ahead. 


Thank-you for your continued support and prayers. They are greatly appreciated. 


Wilderness ReBoot Director National Team Leader
Urban Sanctuary CMKN/MORE Network


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