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Summer 2011 God raised up groups of like-minded people across Canada to meet to talk about Missionary Member Care & Missionary Kid Member Care.

In Banff, AB at the gathering of about 20 Member Care providers the concept of the Canadian Member Care Network (CMCN) was birthed. Many workers were providing Member Care alone, but what was needed was a Network for sharing training, information and resources between all.

Also that summer in the east (London/Cambridge/Kitchener), and in the west (Langley/Abbotsford) groups were meeting to talk about supporting Missionary Kids. Core groups formed across Canada to meet and pray and consider what God was leading them to do.

Summer 2012, the western Canada group invited an MK who was in the process of support raising for Member Care Ministry in Canada to lead the Canadian Missionary Kid Network (CMKN).

The CMKN was launched November 2012. CMKN’s initial goals were: a) to build an organization that was sustainable, and b) meet the greatest felt need, a re-entry retreat for graduating MKs repatriating to Canada.

We recognized that we could not accomplish any ministry alone. We needed the active support and participation of key Canadian mission sending and training ministries. Over the past 4 years, 24 organizations have joined the CMKN as active and participating members - 22 Missions and 2 Training organizations.

By God’s grace we have seen both goals met. By the end of summer 2016 we completed our 6th “ReBoot” MK re-entry retreat. Over the course of these 6 retreats we have hosted a total of 109 MKs, from 60 countries, and representing 33 mission organizations. The MK’s and staff at these camps represented 46 different language groups; the MK’s speaking speaking 35 different languages and the MK Staff 26 languages.    To date we've had 79 countries represented between MKs and staff.

Each of our ReBoot re-entry retreats has been completely staffed with volunteers. Since its start in 2013, a total of 41 volunteer staff from 4 provinces and 5 states have served capably and creatively. Of the 50 staff, 34 have been MKs themselves, and all but 8 have lived overseas in at least one of 43 different countries. 

As the ministry for MKs continues to grow, God has raised up additional staff to join the Team Leader. Our first staff member joined in January, 2013 in Ontario.  In 2015, the team expanded to include 2 more staff members, and we’ve recently added one more part-time member in the summer of 2016. Each staff member is committed to raising prayer and financial support enabling them to serve Missionary families at either no cost or a very low cost.

CMKN in conjunction with CMCN (Canadian Member Care Network) launched a series of mini-conferences across Canada in 2014 to train, educate, encourage and increase awareness around Missionary and MK Member Care needs. To accomplish this training we began partnering with like-minded organizations, a pursuit that continues to grow and expand.  In 2014, we partnered with 7 organizations* to co-host 6 events in 3 provinces. That number increased to 20 organizations** in 2015 and enabled us to co-host 11 events in 4 provinces serving 789 people. As of the fall of 2016 our member partners represent 27 different organizations*** from across Canada.

*3 Training orgs; 2 Networks; 1 Church; 1 Business

**8 mission org’s; 5 Networks, 4 Training orgs, and 3 churches

***7 training orgs; 13 mission orgs; 1 Network; 3 churches & 3 businesses