1.  Preamble

The Canadian MK Network was birthed to meet the need for world-wide Canadian MK support. It was formed as a consortium of Canadian MKs, Bible based Universities, Colleges & Schools, Christ-focused organizations, churches, families & individuals. 

2.  Vision

We exist to undergird, strengthen and encourage Canadian MKs worldwide to become the people God intended them to be.

3.  Mission

To facilitate a Canada-wide cooperative, providing an effective support infrastructure for all aspects of MK life in Canada & abroad. Accomplishing more together we provide proactive, predictive & reactive MK care. Harmony, unity and Christ-focused submission to one another are our hallmarks.

4.  Values

Our biblical values: The Great Commission and the Great Commandment are inseparable. Love one another, Love God, Love others. Live for God. Keep focused on the destination. Value Team, Relationships are crucially important. Serve Others. Serve others well and in love. Work together in Unity. Unity & Community strengthens us. Collegiality. Submit to each other while sharing leadership in our strengths.

Our practical values: The journey is Christ-centered & MK focused. Wholeness. Christ centered global citizenship. Safeguard MKs. MK families. MK suffering. 

(Detailed values statement attached)


5.  Structure

The Canadian MK Network operates under the umbrella of Outreach Canada (OC) and is accountable to OC’s Board of Directors through OC’s staff. We agree with OC’s Vision, Mission, Statement of Faith, Core Values and Personal Values.



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